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You can’t get enough of fun in France! There are so many places you would want to be at the same time that if you are not careful, you might drown in the euphoria of its high musical and cultural heritage. However, we bring you the three great concert venues that will wow you with awesome fun time whenever you visit them. These venues are:

Olympia, Paris

The Olympia was formerly known as the Montagnes Russes because of the wooden roller coaster designed and installed by the famous Joseph Oller (the founder of Le Moulin Rouge). This historic music and concert hall has been used by musicians since 1893. The Olympia is also famous for the secret underground passageway that leads behind the stage. This feature has constantly amazed various visitors, the venue boasts of regular guided tours which are offered to tourists on a first-come-first-serve basis. Famous musicians who have graced this iconic venue are French singers like Gilbert Becaud, Edith Piaf, and even the great Johnny Hallyday. These singers have held concerts in this venue, rocked the stage and held the great audience to an electrifying performance.

Le Zenith

This iconic venue was constructed in the view to replace a circus-style tent venue which has previously hosted several musical performances (especially touring rock bands and hip-hop singers). This famous indoor arena was opened by popular French singers and songwriters Charles Trenet and Renaud. But this venue has been constantly used for concerts, musical comedies, one-man shows and tournaments. If you are a fan of musical concerts, you should be sure to feel the “heat” when you step into this current-day circus concert hall. The highest event hosted at this venue is the yearly charity concert by Les Enfoires (“The Idiots”). This concert is a mega jamboree by singers, comedians, actors and artists from France and other parts of the world to raise money for the French charity association Les Restos du Coeur ( Restaurants of the Heart), which was founded by the late legendary French comedian Coluche. Visit this venue the next time you hit France and you will have no regrets.

Le Trianon, Venice

For the lovers of art and beauty, this iconic venue is bound to blow your mind at just the first sight. Le Trianon, another famous Parisian music venue was designed with the architectural style of the Trianon at the chateau de Versailles and the strength of the steel work from the Eiffel tower (designed by Gustave Eiffel). This musical cathedral has given birth to many singers and popular song composers, one of the stars that regularly graced the venue is the French singer at the Le Moulin Rouge, Mistinguett. She had her musical career start off at this venue but blossom and expanded also. Popular painters also visit Le Trianon for inspirations. French painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec who is famous for his paints of the French can-can dancer La Goule, Queen of Montmarte have been sighted severally at Le Trianon for bouts of inspirational tours. The Le Trianon, unlike most other concert venues, hosts a lot of events like dinners, cocktail parties, movie premiers, fashion shows and product lunches.

The one thing that is sure is that these venues are always buzzing with wonderful musical and movie concerts all year round. Be sure to check out this concert venues the next time you step into France for amazing musical and cultural experiences.