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In my personal opinion, listening to songs in French or French made music is a lost art. Not everyone does it and I have found some pretty talented musician and beautiful lyrics – that of course I at first do not understand and have to go back and search for translations.

Having around 275 million people across the world speaking this romance language I think we could give it a try to at least feel the music they are making. Here’s a list of the most recent French musicians you could start with.

Julien Doré

Born in Occitanie, France in 1982, Julien is an actor, musician, singer and songwriter. Known for his participation in the television show Nouvelle Star, where he was the winner. In 2008 Julien released “Ersatz”, his debut album. Julien plays ukulele and guitar and the music he makes has influence of folk and rock. He has released 5 studio albums and one live album. He has been a guest coach to The Voice: la plus belle voix, the reality television show “The Voice” in its French version.

Louane Emera

Her given name is Anne Peichert, born in Hénin-Beaumont in 1996 is an actress and singer, known for her participation in the television show The Voice: la plus belle voix on its second season where she was a semi-finalist. Later she won a Cesar Award for her acting in La Familie Belier. Louane has released two studio albums and is also known for her cover to Michel Sardou’s all time’s favorite “Je vole”, a song about a children leaving their parents with an empty nest.

Louane Emera


It is a hip hop band with three members, Bachir Baccour, Ryad Seimi and Karl Appela – known as Tunisiano, Aketo and Blacko respectively-, this band originated in Val-d’Oise in 1997 but they formally released their first album in 2991. Their music is a mix of linguistic wit, political subjects, and dark humor. Their songs address subjects such as immigration, unemployment, poverty and racism.


Her given name is Isabelle Geffroy, born in Tours in 1980, is a songwriter and singer, known for being one of the few that’s reshaping the French music scene, her music mixes a bit of soul and jazz with acoustic melodies to deliver music full of emotion. At the moment she is one of France’s best-known artists across the globe. In 2014 she was nominated to 5 World Music Awards. She has released 4 studio albums and two live albums, with a total of 15 singles.


Noir Désir

It’s a rock band originated in Bordeaux back in the 80’s. with four band members, Bertrand Cantat in the vocals and guitar, Jean-Paul in the Bass guitar, Dennis Barthe in the drums and Serge Teyssot-gay in the guitar. The band split in 2010, as they believed it was for good they did, they didn’t think they could be living and making good music given the differences between the band members. They released six studio albums from 1987 to 2001.