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France has given birth to so many great musical talismans, composers, songwriters, and vocalist. The country which has a very rich musical and cultural heritage has brought so many musicians into the world music scene. This is very obvious as the country has so many music houses and its people treat music as an essential part of human existence. We bring to you some of the greatest musicians from French that have graced the world’s music scene. They are:

Edit Piaf

One of the greatest musicians that have walked the face of the earth from France is the legendary Edit Piaf. With the stage name “Piaf” which means the “sparrow”, she held down thousands of music lovers whenever she performed and was greatly loved all over the world. Her ability to transcribe complex emotions into her lyrics made her very famous. She chose her songs from the best lyricists that wrote great songs. She didn’t write her music but used the ideas of incredible music composers she could trust. She also included nice themes and phrases that sold her songs.

Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour is a Franco-Armenian singer and songwriter that has been named the French version of “Frank Sinatra” owing to the kind of music and lyrics he was famous for. Charles Aznavour had a long, illustrious music career that saw him compose over 1000 songs in several languages. Filled with a large variety of themes and melodies, his songs were captivating and he had a piece or two for most languages around the world. When he retired from active music making, he went into working for international relations because of his multi-lingual musical works.

Jean-Jacques Goldman

You cannot give describe French modern music without mentioning Jean-Jacques Goldman. Although he tried as much as he can to be conservative and reserved, his talent did not allow him to hide. He came to shows wearing a pair of worn out jeans and a t-shirt, and would either drive his old car to get there or use the public transport system. He retired from active music after 40 years of composing hit songs and making audiences go wild with his powerful voice and complex lyrics. He now spends time with his family and probably enjoying being away from the spotlight. The music genius who is known for his reclusive nature had a prolific career. In his prime, he headlined top magazines and papers with shows that were sold out. he is very good in writing and composing music. He also worked with top-notch musicians such as Celine Dion, Yannick Noah and a host of other hit makers.

A lot of hit makers have risen from France, composed a lot of classical tunes and held sold out concerts all around the world. It is actually very difficult to determine who is the greatest musical talisman of all time from France. However, the listed musicians above have placed France in the spotlight with their style of music, lyrics and electrifying stage performances.