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All over the world festivals are happening, their social conventions style brings people together, and they give us the opportunity to meet people with similar interest. If you love music, tourism, religion, tradition, food, or, -altogether- culture, there is a festival out there you might like. In fact, there are so many festivals, trust that there is a festival out there for you. However, actually having fun at one of them is entirely different subject.

If you want to ensure you have a memorable time, there is some celebration planning you need to take care of beforehand. Being familiar with the tips for festival survival will help you stay safe and make out of the festival the time of your life, and an event you will look out for, year after year. That is the reason why we have put together a list of the essential tips for surviving a festival.


If the festival you are assisting to is far from where you live and do not have a friend, family, or acquaintance you can stay with, it is fundamental that you find a place to stay at for as long as you are planning to be enjoying the festival. If you are going on a low budget, you can find a camping site and bring tents and sleeping bags, but make sure the tent you are setting is not far from the event, avoid setting it close to toilets, security lights or watchtowers, this just to keep illumination, noise and unpleasant smells out of your way; and ultimately, identify your tent appropriately to avoid any unnecessary discomfort with or towards others. But if you do not worry about the amount of money you will be spending, then seek out for the best hotels or bed-and-breakfast in the area and book them for the period you are planning.

Form a group and stay together

If you and your friends are going to the festival, the best is to form a circle. Make sure that the openings of the tents face the same way of the circle, this way you can chat with each other’s. If you don’t want people coming into your campsite then you can use tapes or ropes from one tent to another, this way you stop them from strolling through your space. Always make sure everyone is on the same page as for when and where to meet at the end of each day, connections will not be at their best, so better safe and communicated just in case someone is out from the circle at any given point.

Form a group and stay together

Essentials kit

Sanitizers and wipes are a must, they are easy to carry around, you will not find them everywhere you go in public places, and they are ultimately necessary for keeping yourself clean and avoiding unwanted infections. You should also take enough water; you do not want to dehydrate or worse spend crazy money on festival vendors. Of course, you will need sleeping bags, a first aid kit, sunscreen, headlights and a waterproof bag, just in case. And finally, remember to bring a good mood and have fun.