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The history of music France started off in the 10th century with chivalrous and court songs of the very bulky genre. The musical composers of the 10th century in France basically made use of instruments more than they used voices. From there rose a group of composers and musical poets who paved way for the illustrious musical history of France. From the 11th century, the musical atmosphere in France transitioned from opera to classical, pop, and finally the rock bands of the 20th century.

In other to properly describe the history of French music, we have to breeze through the various types music that makes up the entire musical history of the France, but just like French, the will be very long to narrate. However, we bring to you brief descriptions of the various types of music in France to satisfy your curiosity.

French Opera

The first opera appeared in the mid-17th century as an experimental form of the musical concert that required fewer acts. Opera was a fusion of music and poetry that gave birth to a dramatic expression of soul music. The people start noticing this style of music and in Paris, various opera houses started springing up. This style of music finally blossomed during the reign of Louis XIV. Especially Italian based operas.

The popularity of operas started dwindling during the 19th century when most operas started going into extinction with the death of their major characters. The operas that are known today originated in the 19th century. Opera such as classical from Georges Bizet are still widely played and loved around the world today.

Classical French Music

The classical era of the French music came into being in the 19th century. This is the romantic era, that gave birth to romantic French literature, music, and poetry. These times saw the creativity of Famous French song composers and musicians that changed the face of music around the world. Musical talisman like Ravel and Debussy composed classical masterpieces that broke into the world music scenes and wowed audiences around the globe. These artists were inspirational to other music composers from other parts of the world.

The 20th century brought the modern music style and many classical composers struggled to blend into the new sound and rhythms. As the music changed all over the world with the inception of more advanced methods of music productions, classical music was less appreciated. The modern music style led to the French invention of the “spectral music”. This is a form of computer-aided musical production and its features are yet to be fully appreciated by musical composers from other parts of the world.

Folk Music

This forms of music had little history in France. This style of music is regional and had no timeline in France. We can hardly place a foothold on the originators since the various parts of France had it own folk music influenced by various music styles around the world.

Finally, we can say that the history of French music is lengthy and diversified. The elements of music of the French can also be found in the American music, even when the French musical started earlier before America was colonized. This goes to tell that the history of French music goes way back and is also very vast.